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Wednesday (26.09.2018)

Thursday (27.09.2018)

Friday (28.09.2018)

Poster F01: High-Temperature Functional Materials
Session starts at 09:30

Compression and Initial Stages of Sintering of CeO2 Nanoparticles with Different Size, Shape and Doping

Prof. Philippe Knauth

Poster S08: Advanced Steels
Session starts at 09:30

Deformation induced phase transformation of a metastable austenitic stainless steel as a function of room temperature milling time

Dr. Hasan Kotan Ahmet Burçin Batıbay

Poster P05: Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition Technologies: Conformal Thin Films and Hybrid Materials for Energy, Electronics and Health
Session starts at 09:30

Edge-On MoS2 Thin Films by Direct Atomic Layer Deposition for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Dr. Changdeuck Bae Dr. Thi Anh Ho Prof. Dr. Hyunjung Shin

Poster M05: Plasticity Across the Scales – From Microstructure Changes to Bulk Mechanical Behavior
Session starts at 09:30

From metallic glasses to nanocrystals: Crossover from glass-like to grain-boundary-mediated deformation behaviour

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Brink Prof. Dr. Karsten Albe

Poster C07: Orientation Image Microscopy: The Evolution. EBSD, TKD, PED-TEM, ECCI + Correlation with APT
Session starts at 09:30

In situ TEM characterization of phase separation phenomena in bimetallic AuCu and AuNi nanoparticles derived from solid-state dewetting of bilayer metal thin films

Dominik Drobek Johanna Schubert Dr. Christian Wiktor Simon Kraschweski Patrick Herre Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker

Poster P07: Joining
Session starts at 09:30

Multilayer characterization of Inconel-718 and Ni couples with Al in TLPB process

Prof. Dr. Silvana Sommadossi Mariana Poliserpi Prof. Dr. Roberto Boeri Prof. Dr. Cecilia Poletti

Poster P04: Nanocomposites and Nanolaminated Functional Coatings
Session starts at 09:30

Phase composition and microstructure of radiation-tolerant ZrN/SiNx and AlN/SiNx multilayer systems, irradiated by He ions

Prof. Gregory Abadias Prof. Vladimir Uglov Dr. Sergey Zlotski Dr. Arno Janse van Vuuren Dr. V. Skuratov Dr. Ihar Saladukhin

Poster P01: Manipulation of Matter by Electric and Magnetic Fields
Session starts at 09:30

Processing of hard magnetic materials enhanced by electric currents

Ph.D. Fernando Maccari Dr. Oskar Till Dr. Iliya Radulov Bernd Stoll Dr. Konstantin Skokov Prof. Dr. Christian Elsässer Prof. Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch