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Wednesday (26.09.2018)

Thursday (27.09.2018)

Poster B05: Biomaterials Applications
Session starts at 09:30

Combined Roughness and Functional Analysis of Biomaterials

Anne Gärtner Nadja Felde Dr. Sven Schröder

Poster Z01: Argentinean-German Collaboration in Materials Science and Engineering
Session starts at 09:30

German-Argentinean students exchange program in materials science and engineering – I.DEAR-Materials

Dr.-Ing. Flavio Soldera Prof. Dr. Silvia Simison Prof. Dr. Andrea Camerucci Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich

Poster C05: Small Scale and In Situ Mechanical Testing
Session starts at 09:30

In situ tensile testing on a laboratory X-ray diffractometer

Dr. Natalia Dadivanyan Dr. Milen Gateshki Dr. Detlev J. Gotz

Poster S04: Micro- and Nanoarchitected Materials
Session starts at 09:30

Obtention and Characterisation of Mechanically Strong Glass-ceramics from Slag, Fly Ash, Glass Cullet and their Combinations

Dipl.-Ing. Diana Mireya Ayala Valderrama Prof. Dr. Aldo Boccaccini Dr. Jairo Alberto Gómez Cuaspud

Poster P01: Manipulation of Matter by Electric and Magnetic Fields
Session starts at 09:30

Processing of hard magnetic materials enhanced by electric currents

Ph.D. Fernando Maccari Dr. Oskar Till Dr. Iliya Radulov Bernd Stoll Dr. Konstantin Skokov Prof. Dr. Christian Elsässer Prof. Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch

Poster B04: From Old Creatures to New Concepts: Bioinspired Material Designs and Processing Strategies
Session starts at 09:30

Self-Assembled Protein Hybrid Nanofibers of Albumin and Hemoglobin as Basis for Novel Biomaterials

Christian Helbing Dr. Tanja Deckert-Gaudig Dr. Izabela Firkowska-Boden Dr. Gang Wei Prof. Volker Deckert Prof. Klaus D. Jandt

Poster M05: Plasticity Across the Scales – From Microstructure Changes to Bulk Mechanical Behavior
Session starts at 09:30

Small strain elasto-plastic phase-field model based on the mechanical jump conditions

Christoph Herrmann Ephraim Schoof Dr. Daniel Schneider Felix Schwab Andreas Reiter Dr. Michael Selzer Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler

Poster C02: Going 3D: From Image to Knowledge
Session starts at 09:30

TopoSEM: a novel tool to measure topography from SEM images in a simple way

Dr. Diego Martinez-Martinez Dr. Catalina Mansilla Dr. E.T. Faber Prof. Dr. J.Th.M. de Hosson