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Particle shape control via etching of core-shell nanocrystals

Part of:
- Poster Structural analysis of developing elytra from Japanese beetle, Trypoxylus dichotomus 1 Jesus Rivera
- Poster Proteome analysis of elytra from Japanese beetle, Trypoxylus dichotomus 1 Dipl.-Ing. Satoshi Murata
- Poster A Cu-MoS 2 Superhydrophobic Coating by Composite Electrodeposition 1 Dipl.-Ing. Lucia Helena Prado
- Poster Resource efficient production of large-volume aviation structural parts 1 Daniel Elitzer
- Poster High Chromium Cast Irons: Chemical composition and thermal processing effect on secondary carbide precipitation, hardness and wear properties 1 Prof. Martin Duarte Guigou
- Poster Maturing Fabrication Technologies for Aerospace: Obtaining the Permit to fly of an Additive Manufactured System for Space 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni
- Poster Thin film metrology of bioactivated surfaces and coatings by Imaging Ellipsometry 1 Dr. Christian Hoffmann
- Poster Bacteria-triggered antimicrobial coatings to protect surfaces in aqueous environment 1 Andre Ruland
- Poster Effective strategies for the controlling and dealing with transmission pathway of pathogens in air traffic 1 Christian Helbing
- Poster Development of a Bioartificial Kidney Device 1 Dr. Katarzyna Skrzypek
- Poster Tailoring Degradation Behavior of Magnesium Based Biodegradable Alloys using Bioactive Coatings 1 Dr.-Ing. Farasat Iqbal
- Poster Self-organized Si-Al nanostructured films deposited by magnetron sputtering: a study of the growth mechanism by kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations. 1 Dr. Diego Martinez-Martinez
- Poster Mechanical Properties of CrN/TiN superlattices from ab inito calculations 1 Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Löfler
- Poster XPS distribution profile of fluoroalkylsilanes in sol-gel network obtained by co-condensation and influence on the properties of hydrophobic coatings 1 Agathe Bouvet-Marchand
- Poster Particle shape control via etching of core-shell nanocrystals 1 Dr. Alberto Leonardi
- Poster Percolation-Based Chemical Switch for H2S Gas Detection 1 Dr. Thorsten Wagner
- Poster Phase composition and microstructure of radiation-tolerant ZrN/SiNx and AlN/SiNx multilayer systems, irradiated by He ions 1 Prof. Gregory Abadias
- Poster Hydrogen-Induced Microstructure Optimization of the Ti-6Al-4V 1 Mohammed Kasim Mohsun
- Poster Accelerating the isothermal forging process of titanium aluminides by microstructure adaptive speed control 1 Mark Eisentraut
- Poster A first principles study on stability of B2 phase in TiAl-based alloys 1 Prof. Dr. Florian Pyczak
- Poster Lead iodide thin films deposited by low pressure vapor phase deposition with controlled morphology 1 Dr. Marcos Soldera
- Poster Electrodeposition of Cd on supported Ag nanoparticles and film, and their assessment as electrocatalyst material for nitrate reduction 1 Prof. Dr. Silvana G. Garcia
- Poster A green magnetic cooling device 1 Maximilian Fries
- Poster Modification and characterization of coconut fibres for biocomposite applications 1 Martje Armbrecht
- Poster Design of iron and gold nanoparticle-hydrogel composites and their impact on cellular proliferation and differentiation 1 Yaya Li
- Poster Nano-rough titanium surfaces created by wet alkaline etching 1 Michaela Schürmann
- Poster Polyester based Nanoparticles with Tailored Thermal Properties for Drug Delivery 1 Karl Scheuer
- Poster Resorbable 3D printed scaffolds for bone regeneration 1 Dr. Beatriz Araoz
- Poster In vitro activity assessment and drug release capability of novel Silicon oxycarbide-based bioactive glasses for bone regeneration 1 Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini
- Poster Nanotechnology for the automotive sector: Upscaling of the melt electro-spinning process for the economic production of efficient, biobased filter systems 1 Kylie König
- Poster Combined Roughness and Functional Analysis of Biomaterials 1 Anne Gärtner
- Poster Biomimetic hematopoietic stem cell niche analogue as model system for osteomyelitis 1 Annamarija Raic
- Poster Dispersion of metallic additions in Al on the nm-scale by Friction Stir Processing 1 Maximilian Gnedel
- Poster Porous sioc-based materials obtained from a hybrid precursor and paraffin wax microspheres 1 Dr. Maria Andrea Camerucci
- Poster Miniaturization of Biomimetic Sensory Devices based on Nanofluidic Pores in Polymer membranes 1 Dr. Mubarak Ali
- Poster On the effect of Al on the interaction between hydrogen and martensitic steels 1 Ph.D. Margot Pinson
- Poster Preserving the surface integrity at nano-scale during small scale in-situ electrochmical testing 1 Tarlan Hajilou
- Poster 2D Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Model of Edge dislocations of a Stationary Crack under hydrogen influence 1 Jan Inge Meling
- Poster In-situ investigation of hydrogen material damage: Construction of a plasma cell 1 Agustina Massone
- Poster Hydrogen-induced cracking resolved by in-situ tensile test on Ni-based super alloys 1 Xu Lu
- Poster Study of hydrogen embrittlement on Fe-22Mn-0.6C TWIP steel by in situ electrochemical nanoindentation and tensile test 1 Ph.D. Dong Wang
- Poster Hydrogen-assisted fatigue crack propagation in a ferritic alloy 1 Di Wan
- Poster Characterization and Thermal Stability of Pulsed Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Co-Cu 1 Dipl.-Ing. Killang Pratama
- Poster Effect of ternary elements on the eutectic temperature and microstructure in TiAl-x (x=Nb,Cr,Zr) 1 Fabian Kathöfer
- Poster Low temperatures mechanical properties of high entropy alloys with fcc and bcc crystal lattice 1 Dr. Elena Tabachnikova
- Poster Effect of short-range ordering on the slip systems in BCC High Entropy Alloys 1 Korbinian Ziegler
- Poster On the trail of the hydrogen embrittlement by novel critical experiments: In situ nanomechanical testing of high-entropy alloys 1 Ph.D. Dong Wang
- Poster Bioactive Scaffolds With the Capability to Release Agents Applied in Tissue Engineering 1 Prof. Dr. Viviana Mourino
- Poster Interaction of PEI-Glycopolymers with the cellular microenvironment of multiple myeloma cells 1 Felix Schulze
- Poster Consideration on the Nature of Low Temperature Creep in Martensitic Steels 1 Mathias Münch
- Poster Deformation induced phase transformation of a metastable austenitic stainless steel as a function of room temperature milling time 1 Dr. Hasan Kotan
- Poster Cold drawing impact in high strength and plasticity of ultra-high carbon steel wires 1 Dipl.-Ing. Mykhaylo Romanyuk
- Poster Influence of the post-weld surface treatment on the corrosion resistance of the duplex stainless steel 1.4062 0 Dr.-Ing. Paul Rosemann
- Poster An Eshelby inclusion based model for cementite variants in hypereutectoid steel 0 Dipl.-Ing. Marko Vogric
- Poster Determination of average grain size and grain size distributions of nanocrystalline materials - a comparative study including t-EBSD, TEM and XRD 1 Dr. Christian Braun
- Poster Severe plastically deformed nanostructured magnetic materials – Influence of magnetic field annealing 1 Dr. Stefan Wurster
- Poster Formation of Hollow h-BN Superstructures Using Template Assisted PECVD 1 Daniel Stadler
- Poster Study of O2-Reduction Reaction and Degradation Mechanisms Operating on La0.5-XPrxBa0.5CoO3-δ Cathodes for LT-SOFCs. 1 Ph.D. Diana Garces
- Poster Non-stoichiometry and electrical impedance of thin-film ceria-zirconia solid solutions at elevated temperatures 1 Alexander Wollbrink
- Poster Thin-Film Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia for Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors and Pumps 0 Dr. Hendrik Wulfmeier
- Poster Obtention and Characterisation of Mechanically Strong Glass-ceramics from Slag, Fly Ash, Glass Cullet and their Combinations 1 Dipl.-Ing. Diana Mireya Ayala Valderrama
- Poster How Nature Indexing Helps You Find Nanotechnology Literatures and Nanomaterial Data Efficiently 1 Dr.-Ing. Amir Gheisi
- Poster Making Gas Reactions Visible: Broadband Gas Transducers Based on Photonic Crystals 1 Dr. Thorsten Wagner
- Poster New Bismuth Alkylthiolate Complexes for the Chemical Vapour Deposition of Bismuth Sulfide and Bismuth 1 Ufuk Atamtürk
- Poster Obtaining Material Glass Ceramics from industrial Waste of Slag, Ply Ash and Glass Hull - Process 1 1 Dipl.-Ing. Diana Mireya Ayala Valderrama
- Poster Controlled composition tuning of alloy nanoparticles in a gas aggregation source monitored by in-situ UV-Vis 1 Jonas Drewes
- Poster Hydrogen trapping in bcc iron 1 Anastasiia Kholtobina
- Poster Study of the ex-solution process of metallic Fe-Ni nanoparticles in Srx(Ti,Fe,Ni)O3-δ perovskites based SOFC electrodes 1 Dr.-Ing. Catalina Jiménez
- Poster Influence of the structure defects in Fe-Pd-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys 1 Prof. Dr. Osvaldo Lambri
- Poster Effect of CoOx nanoparticles decoration in the La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-d performance as cathode. 1 Dr.-Ing. Catalina Jiménez
- Poster Hot Corrosion Behavior of Selected Thermally Sprayed Alloy Based Coatings 1 Ph.D. Cesánek Zdenek
- Poster Non-equilibrium solid solution "non-alloy" of molybdenum and sodium 1 Dr. Beate Bergk
- Poster Mechanical behavior of bismuth sodium titanate by nanoindentation 1 Angelica Maria Benitez Castro
- Poster Phase transformation of the (LaxGd1-x)2Zr2O7 system exposed to volcanic ashes at high temperature 1 Cynthia Yanel Guijosa García
- Poster Tensile deformation mechanism of TRIP and TWIP Steels vs strain rate studied ex-situ by EBSD and in-situ by XRD 1 Dr.-Ing. Catalina Jiménez
- Poster Manufacturing of nanostructured thermoplastics by laser-assisted hot embossing 1 Jan-Hendric Rakebrandt
- Poster CNTs in fibres: Multilayered polymerfibers for conductive and sensoric applications 1 Benjamin Mohr
- Poster Development of nanofunctionalized materials for As(V) removal from contaminated Argentinian groundwater 1 Ph.D. Lucia Yohai Del Cerro
- Poster Substitution of lubricants in forming processes: Structuring ta-C layers with Direct Laser Interference Patterning 1 Theresa Jähnig
- Poster Inline topography evaluation of microstructures formed by Direct Laser Interference Patterning 1 Dr. Bogdan Voisiat
- Poster Fatigue resistance improvement of lean duplex stainless steel by laser shock peening 1 Prof. Dr. María Cecilia Marinelli
- Poster Microchannels for controlling cellular mechanotransduction 1 Mohammadreza Taale
- Poster Hierarchical porous sioc-based ceramics developed from infiltration of poplar templates with a polysilsesquioxane 1 Dr. Maria Andrea Camerucci
- Poster Characterization of Radiation and Temperature Resistant Materials for Use in Bolometer Sensors 1 Dr.-Ing. Christine Ruffert
- Poster Microstructure and creep/dwell-time fatigue properties of a hot extruded polycrystalline superalloy (AD730) 1 Anne Hesselink
- Poster Compression and Initial Stages of Sintering of CeO2 Nanoparticles with Different Size, Shape and Doping 1 Prof. Philippe Knauth
- Poster Nonlinear Electric Filler for Field Grading in HVDC applications 1 Sebastian Lehmann
- Poster Mechanical properties of HPT-deformed Nickel/carbon nanotube composites 1 Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Katzensteiner
- Poster Injected polymer blends and composites: processing-morphology-performance relationship 1 Dr.-Ing. Valeria Pettarin
- Poster On the influence of heat treatment state on the processing behavior of aluminum alloys during Friction Surfacing 1 Jonas Ehrich
- Poster The brittle-to-ductile transition in pre-deformed, textured, polycrystalline bcc metals 1 Dr. Jens Reiser
- Poster Effect of Mn partition on the mechanical properties of Dual Phase steel 1 Prof. Dr. Iris Alvarez
- Poster Fracture monitoring of thermally damaged High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete by Acoustic Emission 1 Dipl.-Ing. Hernan Xargay
- Poster Laser texturing combined with plasma nitriding as a tool to control the tribological performance of steel components 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
- Poster Mechanical spectroscopy study at different temperatures of a rapidly solidified and extruded Al-13Mg-7Si-2Cu alloy 1 Sebastian Carl Greco
- Poster The EU-RISE Project CREATe-Network - Composites for Resource-Efficient Applications and Technologies 1 Dr.-Ing. Flavio Soldera
- Poster German-Argentinean students exchange program in materials science and engineering – I.DEAR-Materials 1 Dr.-Ing. Flavio Soldera
- Poster Bone tissue regeneration based of PCL- HA composites with silver nanoparticles as antibacterial agent 1 Ph.D. Agustina Leonardi
- Poster Directing the hardening reactions of UV-hardening adhesives by UV-light initiation through side-emitting PMMA fibres with non-circular cross sections 1 Benjamin Mohr
- Poster Modelling of coupling coefficients of FEP piezoelectret films with parallel tunnel structure 1 Omar Ben Dali
- Poster Investigation of Ni-Diffusion Properties in Ni/YSZ SOFC-Anodes via Thermal Grooving Experiments 1 Patricia Haremski
- Poster TopoSEM: a novel tool to measure topography from SEM images in a simple way 1 Dr. Diego Martinez-Martinez
- Poster The Interaction of Twin Boundaries with Magnetic Domain Walls in MnAl-C Studied by Combined EBSD and Micromagnetic Modelling Techniques 1 Ph.D. Panpan Zhao
- Poster Cryo-FIB tomography across the Nafion®-catalyst layer interface in PEM fuel cells 1 Martina Heller
- Poster Computed Tomography Experiments on a Laboratory Multipurpose Diffractometer 1 Dr. Natalia Dadivanyan
- Poster Novel Multi-Energy X-ray Laminography for planar fiber reinforced materials 1 Stefan Enghardt
- Poster Structural Characterization of Porous Silica Particles Structured over Multiple Length Scales 1 Andreas Fijneman
- Poster Joining of thermoelectric ceramics to high-temperature resistant metals by a laser-induced brazing process 1 Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wetzlich
- Poster Multilayer characterization of Inconel-718 and Ni couples with Al in TLPB process 1 Prof. Dr. Silvana Sommadossi
- Poster Improving the efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes using textured polymer foils fabricated by R2R hot-embossing method 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
- Poster High reflectivity all-silica coatings for high power applications 1 Dr. Tomas Tolenis
- Poster Influence of plastic deformation on the piezoelectric properties of BaTiO3 1 Marion Höfling
- Poster Ag as Contacting Material for Mg2SixSn(1-x)-based Thermoelectric Generators: Electrical Contact Resistance and Diffusion 1 Sahar Ayachi
- Poster Thermal and phase stability of skutterudite master alloys for thermoelectric materials 1 František Zelenka
- Poster Abundant Thermoelectric Materials: Preparation, Characterisation and Structuring of Chromium Chalcogenides 1 Hendrik Groß
- Poster Analysis of Cr clusters in a Cu-Cr-Zr alloy after cold rolling and aging 1 Dr. Khadidja Abib
- Poster On the evolution of adiabatic shear bands in the beta titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al 1 Mario Scholze
- Poster Study of ceramo-metallic interfaces of dental application through Acoustic Emission (AE) signals 1 Dipl.-Ing. Valeria Ines Ortega Paredes
- Poster Characterization of Crystallographic Properties in the α→γ’ martensitic transformation in a Fe-Mn-Al-Ni system by EBSD 1 Prof. Dr. Martina Cecilia Avalos
- Poster In situ TEM characterization of phase separation phenomena in bimetallic AuCu and AuNi nanoparticles derived from solid-state dewetting of bilayer metal thin films 1 Dominik Drobek
- Poster Microscopic thin film metrology with UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometry 1 Dr. Christian Hoffmann
- Poster Comparative Studies on Trans-specific Characteristics of Bio-mineralized Calcite. 1 Prof. Dr. Raúl Bolmaro
- Poster Surface rippling of silica glass surfaces scraped by a diamond indenter 1 Jana Hennig
- Poster Orientation-dependent strain hardening of microstructural features in a deformed high-alloy CrMnNi steel studied by nano-indentation 1 Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lehnert
- Poster PhyBaL-CHT - assessment of the correlation to conventional fatigue tests and influence of testing force 1 David Görzen
- Poster Development of a full in-plane ZT-measurement platform for electrodeposited materials 1 Vida Barati
- Poster Development of a thermoelectric generator based on metal and polymer foils 1 Dipl.-Ing. Constantin Wolf
- Poster The effect of nanoscale antiphase boundaries on the high-temperature phase transitions of γ-Al2O3 1 Martin Rudolph
- Poster Efficient numerical and analytical modelling of residual stresses in multilayer coatings 1 Dipl.-Ing. Antonia Wagner
- Poster Shortening of industrial development time by multiscale virtual testing of lithium ion battery anodes 1 Dr. Oleg Benevolenski
- Poster Simulative investigation on the microstructure influences on the electrochemical-thermal behaviour in Li-ion cells 1 Adrian Schmidt
- Poster Studies on hard carbon as a potential anode material for Na-ion batteries 1 Dr. Daria Mikhailova
- Poster Electrochemical energy storage and magnetization switching in Mn3O4@CNT 1 Elisa Thauer
- Poster Nitrogen-doped Mesoporous Carbon for Electrochemical Application 1 Markus Schmitz
- Poster Tailoring morphology and carbon functionalisation of Li(Fe,Mn)PO4 1 Lennart Singer
- Poster Functionalization of Carbon Foams for Sodium Ion Batteries 1 Dr. Esteban Ramos-Moore
- Poster Structural disorder and thermoelectric properties of indium thiospinels 1 Pawel Wyzga
- Poster Does Te really prefer to substitute for Sb in Cu12Sb4S13 tetraedrites ? 1 Dr. Pascal Boulet
- Poster Photovoltaics versus thermoelectrics: two ways to convert heat into electricity 1 Dr. Roland Schmechel
- Poster Interaction of porosity and strain hardening affects the energy absorption efficienc of austenitic stainless steel foams 1 Prof. Dr. Claudia Fleck
- Poster Dispersion of mechanical properties at nanoscale studied by indentation mapping 1 Dr. Ude Dirk Hangen
- Poster Investigation of Vacancy Ordering Phenomena in Phase Change Materials with in situ XRD and TEM Experiments 1 Torben Dankwort
- Poster Corrosion resistance, wear behavior and residual stress for Ti/TiN coatings deposited on nitrided AISI 316L by cathodic arc 1 Prof. Dr. Sonia Brühl
- Poster Phase contrast-enhanced microCT reveals internal defects in root canal restored human teeth 1 Dr. Paul Zaslansky
- Poster Combining in-situ synchrotron X-ray techniques to study the dendritic growth in Ga–In alloys 1 Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rack
- Poster The refurbished ID19 beamline: a versatile station for synchrotron-based full-field hard X-ray microimaging 1 Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rack
- Poster ANKAphase - software for single-distance phase-retrieval from inline X-ray phase contrast radiographs 1 Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rack
- Poster Self-Assembled Protein Hybrid Nanofibers of Albumin and Hemoglobin as Basis for Novel Biomaterials 1 Christian Helbing
- Poster StarPEG-Heparin Microgels to Promote Wound Healing 1 Sebastian Kühn
- Poster High-throughput combinatorial synthesis of a library of hydrogels using nanoliter compartments to optimize cell encapsulation parameters 1 Alisa Rosenfeld
- Poster Externally-triggered hydrogels for controlled nitric oxide release in hematopoietic stem cell culture 1 Julia Hümmer
- Poster Bioinstructive Biomaterials for human induced pluripotent stem cells 1 Hamidreza Pirmahboub
- Poster Stem cell interactions in biomimetic 3D models of the niche 1 Anna Geenen
- Poster Multifunctional nanostructured biohybrid hydrogels for hematopoietic stem cell culture 1 Anita Ludwig-Husemann
- Poster Application of deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN) in materials microscopy to assess the quality of Lithium-Ion batteries 1 Olatomiwa Badmos
- Poster Correlative in situ microscopy studies of highly directional nanowires 1 Lilian Vogl
- Poster In situ tensile testing on a laboratory X-ray diffractometer 1 Dr. Natalia Dadivanyan
- Poster Studies of stress induced deformation in ZnO micro structures by X-ray diffraction 1 Philipp Jordt
- Poster In-situ observation of electron beam induced nanocrystallization of an ultra thin W foil 1 Stefan Noisternig
- Poster Referenced spectroscopic Ellipsometry – very fast in situ and ex situ thickness measurements 1 Dr. Christian Hoffmann
- Poster Correlative 3D characterization of liquid metal catalysts using X-ray and analytical electron microscopy 1 Janis Wirth
- Poster Microscopic investigation of the layer morphology of cathode foils for Li-ion batteries 1 Andreas Kopp
- Poster In-situ XRD analysis during Ar ion etching of compound layers generated on AISI 4140 steel by plasma nitrocarburizing using a solid carbon source 1 Dr.-Ing. Anke Dalke
- Poster Investigating the 3D-structures of oxide layers of Co-base superalloys by means of X-ray tomography, FIB tomography and electron microscopy 1 Malte Lenz
- Poster Growth of nanocrystalline graphene: a high resolution in situ transmission electron microscopy study 1 Chethala neelakandhan Shyam Kumar
- Poster Electron microscopy of Alkyl-halide Cluster Ions deposited on Graphene using Electrospray Ion-beam Deposition 1 Nilesh Vats
- Poster 3D microchanneled, conductive polyacrylamide scaffolds for growing cardiomyocytes 1 Christine Arndt
- Poster Influence of the substrate roughness on the film morphology 1 Dr.-Ing. Aurelien Besnard
- Poster Insight into the structural evolution of nanocrystalline TiN films and the structure-property relationship 1 Dr. Zaoli Zhang
- Poster Influence of substrate oscillation on CrN coatings deposited by HiPIMS and dcMS 0 Prof. Dr. Haroldo Pinto
- Poster Phase separation nanostructure of hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel materials for silver-based antibacterial coatings 1 Ph.D. Lucia Yohai Del Cerro
- Poster Influence of powder feeding rates at mechanical properties and microstructure of tungsten carbide based powder 1 Jan Schubert
- Poster Indentation behaviour of stainless steel 304 L coated with TiN and TiAlN 1 Dr. Amir Bahri
- Poster Process modification of PECVD for deposition of metal oxides: Applications for renewable energy production and high surface energy 1 Myeongwhun Pyeon
- Poster Field assisted sintering (FAST/SPS) of Y2O3 for plasma facing applications 1 Moritz Kindelmann
- Poster Heat-assisted flash sintering for highly densified 3mol%Y2O3-doped ZrO2 1 Dipl.-Ing. Yudai Yamashita
- Poster Flash sintering for BaTiO3 with AC-pulsed electric fields 1 Dipl.-Ing. Ryosuke Umemura
- Poster Size effects of green compacts on the shrinkage behaviors during 3YSZ flash sintering 1 Dipl.-Ing. Tsuyoshi Kurachi
- Poster Processing of hard magnetic materials enhanced by electric currents 1 Ph.D. Fernando Maccari
- Poster Electric Field Enhanced Sintering of Nanocrystalline Fe-Based Alloys 1 Thomas Brede
- Poster In-Situ SEM and TEM Studies of Electric Field Enhanced Sintering of ZnO 1 Danny Schwarzbach
- Poster Efficient solar water splitting copper oxide heterostructure photocathodes protected by carbon materials 1 Ph.D. Pramod Patil Kunturu
- Poster Anatase-rutile mixed and nanostructured TiO2 thin films by DC and high power impulse magnetron sputtering at glancing angle 1 Ph.D. Adriano Panepinto
- Poster Anisotropic behaviors in metallic thin films obliquely sputter-deposited 1 Ph.D. Raya El Beainou
- Poster Green carbohydrate-assisted combustion synthesis of ZnO as multifunctional material 1 Cristian Dumitru Ene
- Poster Thermal properties of Ultra-light, Polymer derived SiC, SiOC, and SiCN reticulated foams 0 Balanand Santhosh
- Poster Reductive Transformation of V(III) Precursors into Vanadium (II) oxide Nanowires for ORR application 1 Olusola Ojelere
- Poster Characterization of Sol-gel Derived and Spin-coated On Stainless Steel Calcium Hydroxyapatite Thin Films 1 Vilma Jonauske
- Poster Atomic layer deposition of topological insulator selenides and tellurides 1 Dr. Tommi Tynell
- Poster Edge-On MoS2 Thin Films by Direct Atomic Layer Deposition for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 1 Dr. Changdeuck Bae
- Poster Formation of Bulk Layered Heterojunctions by Atomic Layer Deposition for Efficient Electrocatalyst 1 Dr. Changdeuck Bae
- Poster Resonant Tunneling Induced Enhancement of Electron Emission by Ultra-Thin Coatings 1 Dr. Robert Zierold
- Poster Modeling of grain boundaries and their effects on oxygen vacancies in SrTiO3 – an atomistic simulation approach 1 Cong Tao
- Poster Study of effective properties of composite electrodes in Li-ion batteries 1 Mamun Al-Siraj
- Poster Computational investigations of epitaxial chalcogenide thin films on various substrates 1 Prof. Marie-Christine Record
- Poster Ab initio study of native defects in LiTi2O4 1 Dr. Jianchuan Wang
- Poster Multi Scale Modeling of the Size Evolution of Precipitate Clusters 1 Tobias Stegmüller
- Poster Interaction of a screw dislocation with Cu-Ni-Mn solute clusters in bcc Fe 1 Ph.D. Maria Pascuet
- Poster Interdiffusivities and atomic mobilities in FCC Co–Cr-Mo alloys 1 Ph.D. Yuling Liu
- Poster Unary description of pure elements with neural networks 1 Maximilian Länge
- Poster Experimental and Simulation Research of All-Solid-State Thin Film Batteries 1 Yao Liu
- Poster Kinetics of carbide precipitation in a HSLA steel during advanced thermo-mechanical control process 1 Leandro Nakamura
- Poster Dynamic calorimetric data for thermodynamic modeling of Zr – Nb –Ta system 1 Dr.-Ing. Pedro Ferreirós
- Poster Elastic properties of holely 2d materials 1 Dr. Alexander Croy
- Poster Low carbon iron under high pressure: Understanding the role of plasticity during phase transition 1 Hoang-Thien Luu
- Poster Dislocation nucleation in Au nanowires with stress gradients 1 Junyu Gao
- Poster OVITO - Data analysis and visualization tool 1 Dr. Alexander Stukowski
- Poster From metallic glasses to nanocrystals: Crossover from glass-like to grain-boundary-mediated deformation behaviour 1 Dr.-Ing. Tobias Brink
- Poster Elasto-plastic multiphase-field modeling of martensitic phase transformation in a dual-phase microstructure 1 Ephraim Schoof
- Poster Small strain elasto-plastic phase-field model based on the mechanical jump conditions 1 Christoph Herrmann
- Poster Particle size effects on the glass transition in polymer-particle blends and its application to shape memory polymers 1 Dr. Fathollah Varnik
- Poster Multiscale simulation of lithium ion battery include phase separation, mechanical coupling and shape influence 1 Yang Bai
- Poster How small molecules can trigger the one-way effect in shape memory polymers 1 Axel Marquardt
- Poster Type-I silicon clathrates doped with d-block metals from ab initio calculations - electronic structure and electron density topology 1 Wojciech Szczypka
- Poster Atomistic simulations in U-based alloys 1 Ph.D. Maria Pascuet
- Poster Simulation based design and first experimental validations of carbon materials for a potential-controlled separation of large biomolecules 1 Magdalena Lenz
- Poster Adsorption and Activation of CO2 onto CuO surfaces: A DFT study 1 Dr. Rasoul Khaledialidusti
- Poster Hydrogen migration modeling in a symmetric tilt boundary of the Iron-Chromium system 1 Ph.D. Maria Pascuet
- Poster Imaging Mueller-Matrix Ellipsometry of Anisotropic Thin-Films 1 Dr. Christian Hoffmann

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The application of nanocrystals as heterogeneous catalysts requires fine control of their shape and chemical composition [1-4]. A promising idea to achieve synergistic effects is to combine two distinct chemical and/or physical functionalities in bi-metallic core-shell nanocrystals. Although techniques for the synthesis of surface-single-component nanocrystals with controlled shape are well established, new methods are sought to tailor multi-component nanocrystals. Here, we probe etching in a controlled redox environment of core-shell nanocrystals as a synthesis technique for new and non-crystallographic surface-multi-component systems.

We rationalize the appearance of promising characteristic non-equilibrium transient configurations via Monte Carlo simulations. Convex platelet, concave polyhedron, pod, cage and strutted-cage (e.g., cage embedding a set of struts connecting the open shape corners) are framed at room temperature with fully coherent structure, exposing different crystallographic facets and chemical elements along distinct particle-crystallographic directions. We observe that structural and dynamic properties tested via molecular dynamics simulations are markedly modified compared to the untreated homolog-compact configurations. Finally, we compare our simulation results to etching experiments [5, 6]. For this purpose, we analyze the shape evolution of individual core-shell nanocrystals via in-situ transmission electron microscopy.

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2. S. E. Habas, et al., Nature Materials 6 (2007), 692.

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6. X. Ye et al., Science 354 (2016), 874.

Dr. Alberto Leonardi
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Additional Authors:
  • Lei Chen
    Indiana University
  • Prof. Dr. Xingchen Ye
    Indiana University
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Engel
    Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)


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