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On the evolution of microstructure of LBM-processed H13 tool steel upon heat treatment

Thursday (27.09.2018)
12:00 - 12:15 S1/01 - A3
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H13, a type of multifunctional chromium-molybdenum carbon steel, is widely used in hot work applications. Based on the previous investigation, H13 can be processed additively at elevated temperatures by applying appropriate laser parameters. This investigation focuses on the evaluation of the microstructure under different heat treatment conditions, and subsequently, on the corresponding mechanical properties. During the investigation, it was revealed that the as-built state H13 samples display high residual stress and typical anisotropic microstructure. The uncommonly high content of retained austenite primarily is located at grain boundaries. Stress relieving heat treatment can reduce the internal stress but has less influence on the melting-pool structure. Austenization annealing and quenching fully homogenize the microstructure and concomitantly generate nano-sized Vanadium carbides. Upon adequate heat treatment, the H13 samples show ductility and toughness similar to H13 parts produced following the traditional routine.

Liang Wu
voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center GmbH
Additional Authors:
  • Fengchen Xia
    voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center GmbH
  • Witalij Gridin
    voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center GmbH
  • Dr. Leuders Stefan
    voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Niendorf
    Universität Kassel