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Being spoilt for choice – how different lubricants affect the survivability of rotorcraft transmission systems under loss of lubrication

Thursday (27.09.2018)
15:45 - 16:00 S1/01 - A5
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The goal of this research work is to study the loss of lubrication performance of different lubricants namely turbine oils, automatic transmission fluid and engine oil for rotorcraft transmission applications. In this context, loss of lubrication is a severe event which may take place in rotorcraft transmissions leading to starvation and failure of helicopter propulsion systems. Legal requirements enforced by aerospace authorities throughout the world require to provide a continued safe flight for at least 30 minutes after a drop down in oil pressure. Therefore, it is decisive to study the evolution of the friction coefficient and the wear rate, especially after the depletion of lubricants first on a lab-scale and then to transfer the knowledge to real application conditions. In this work, a standard bearing steel AISI 52100 is used as sample material for the evaluation of the above-mentioned lubricants under pure sliding and rolling-sliding contacts in a modified ball on disk setup with a defined oil supply. The lubricants are tested under high speed contact conditions performing two established protocols namely load capacity and loss of oil. This work should shed some more light onto the research on the survivability of rotorcraft components under loss of lubrication conditions.

Additional Authors:
  • Azhaarudeen Faruck
    TU Wien