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S03: Process-Microstructure-Property Relationships in High-Performance Alloys Produced by Additive Manufacturing

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TopicS: Structural Materials

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals has strongly gained scientific and industrial importance during the last decades due to the geometrical flexibility and increased reliability of parts, as well as reduced equipment costs. Although metal AM parts are already in use for many applications in various industries, the complex interactions between energy source, atmosphere and feedstock that govern the microstructure evolution are not fully understood. Therefore, prediction of the final properties, which is utterly desired for wide-spread industrial applicability of AM parts, still cannot be accomplished straightforward.
This symposium will address recent advances in improving the understanding of process-microstructure-property relationships in additively manufactured high-performance alloys. In addition to experimental characterization, submission of studies focusing on simulation is highly encouraged. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • process and microstructure design for metals and metallic alloys
  • high performance alloys, such as Ti-, Ni-, Fe-, Al-based alloys, as well as new alloys for AM produced by electron beam- or laser beam-based techniques
  • correlation between process and microstructure evolution
  • correlation between microstructure and mechanical properties under static and cyclic loading conditions
  • fracture and failure analysis of AM parts

Thursday (27.09.2018)