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P08: Damage in Metal Forming

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TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

Strain hardening, creation of residual stress profiles and evolution of damage are the three major material reactions related to metal forming processes. So far, damage mechanisms are not quantitatively considered when metal forming processes are designed to manufacture parts of desired structural performance. However, control of damage during metal forming would offer the potential of an improved  structural performance, finally leading to lightweight components. Damage control during metal forming can only be achieved if the damage initiation and accumulation mechanisms can be quantitatively characterized, and simulation approaches are established that allow to predict and evaluate these phenomena. The symposium, therefore, aims to highlight recent scientific developments in the field of damage mechanics guided design of metal forming processes, modelling of damage initiation and accumulation mechanisms during cold and hot forming, and characterisation of microstructural damage mechanisms in 2D and 3D.

Thursday (27.09.2018)