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F02: Surface Engineering and Functionalisation

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TopicF: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices

Surface engineering is a sub-discipline of materials science, which deals with the surface of solid matter. Applications can be found for example in chemistry, mechanical as well as and electrical engineering. Solids are typically composed of a bulk material covered by a surface, which acts as an interface to the surrounding environment. The surface layer can be affected by mechanical, thermal or chemical process effects and can be characterized by topography, residual stresses, work-hardening state and other microstructural changes. Additionally the effects on component service properties like fatigue, corrosion or wear resistance must be evaluated based on the mechanisms beyond. This symposium will include topics, which deal with such correlations and draw the attention to manufacturing processes from casting via forming, machining and removal, surface modification by heat, chemical, laser and plasma treatments as well as mechanical surface treatments, and coatings deposition.

Thursday (27.09.2018)