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Priority Programme (SPP2006) Compositionally Complex Alloys - High Entropy Alloys (CCA - HEA)

Wednesday (26.09.2018)
17:45 - 18:00 S1/01 - A5
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The Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm) SPP2006 was approved by the DFG for a duration of initially 3 years (2018 - 2020). An extension for another 3 years is possible. Proposals have been submitted and evaluated in April 2017 by a careful selection process by an international reviewer group, organized by the DFG. The selection process resulted in 14 approved projects, funding in total 23 PhD/post-doc with a total amount of more than 7 mill. €.

The SPP2006 focus on mechanical properties of alloys with 5 or more elements with a composition for each element in-between 5 - 35 at.%. Within the SPP2006, we strictly distinguish between single-phase alloys, denominated HEA, and multi-phase alloys, denominated CCA. Other functional material properties (magnetism, superconductivity, etc.) are not within the focus of this SPP.

A very short overview of the projects will be presented and the structure of the SPP disclosed. The SPP can be structured into more fundamental versus more applied research, as well as projects with more or less emphasis on simulation and modelling techniques and in projects with an emphasis on CCA or HEA. A common ground between CCA and HEA will be the high entropy of the matrix phase of a CCA. Special care by the Programme Committee members (Michael Feuerbacher, Easo George, Uwe Glatzel, Anna Manzoni and Dierk Raabe) is necessary in order to guide the SPP in this direction until the end of 2020. Additional measures like workshops, summer schools, financial aid for non-German researchers and possibilities for SPP funded PhD and post-docs for visits abroad will be released.

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Glatzel
University of Bayreuth
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Anna Manzoni
    Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
  • Dr. Bronislava Gorr
    University of Siegen