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Analysis and validation of a S-Band Helix Antenna Manufactured by Additive Manufacturing

Wednesday (26.09.2018)
11:15 - 11:30 S1/03 - 221
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Additive manufacturing (AM) is a technology capable to obtain high degree of geometrical optimization and therefore, complex geometries and low weight structures can be obtained. In this context, the aerospace industry is a business opportunity for this technology; however a complete qualification process must be performed to obtain flight components. Moreover, dimensional deviation and surface roughness could have a big influence in telemetry, tracking and command systems.

This work presents the results of the validation in an S-Band helix antenna manufactured by AM in AlSi10Mg. For the validation of the component, tensile tests, Digital Radiography (DR), Computed tomography (CT), metallography and roughness analysis have been performed. The control of the process was very accurate regarding the powder, machine parameters, and post-manufacturing works. Other qualification test, such Radio frequency (RF), thermal-vacuum and vibration campaign are as well presented.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni
Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies - CATEC
Additional Authors:
  • Carlos Galleguillos
    Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies - CATEC
  • Eduardo Lapeña
    TRYO Aerospace
  • Esteban Celemín
    TRYO Aerospace