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The lightest superconducting wire based on Mg, Ti and Al

Wednesday (26.09.2018)
15:00 - 15:15 S1/03 - 223
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Practical MgB2 superconductor is usually in the form of composite wire, which contains metallic diffusion barrier (mostly Nb) and well conductive outer sheath (usually Cu). Replacement of Nb by Ti and Cu by Al provides a considerable mass reduction. Pure Al is too soft to be used for composite deformation with outer sheath. Therefore Al stabilized by Al2O3 material (HITEMAL®) was tested mechanically and electrically at low temperatures and applied for thermal and mechanical stabilization of MgB2 wire. Combination of low mass MgB2 (2.5 gcm-3) with Ti barrier (4.5 gcm-3) and with HITEMAL® sheath (2.3 gcm-3) into the filamentary wire has been successfully made. MgB2/Ti/HITEMAL® wires have shown high critical current density and high tolerance to mechanical stress. Lightweight and high performance MgB2 wire can be especially interesting for aviation and space applications and also for powerful offshore wind generators.

Dr. Pavol Kovac
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Additional Authors:
  • Imrich Hušek
    Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Tibor Melišek
    Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Lubomir Kopera
    Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Miloslav Kulich
    Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Jan Kováč
    Slovak Academy of Sciences