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P11: Thin Film Formation and Nano Structuring Through the Control of Geometry and Deposition Parameters

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TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

The deposition of thin films at glancing angles, either by evaporation or magnetron sputtering, has emerged during the last years as an invaluable methodology for the fabrication of nanostructured and sculptured thin films and multilayers with unique properties and high prospects of use in sectors such as photovoltaics, sensors, biomaterials, batteries, fuel cells and several others. This symposium aims at providing an up to date account of the last advances made in the field during the last years by bringing together physicists, chemists, engineers and other specialists incorporating this deposition approach for the nanostructuring of thin films during growth. Experimental and theoretical papers are called regarding fundamental and application issues of the methodology including its physical principles, the effect of other processing parameters besides geometry in the properties of the films, their outstanding optical, electrical and mechanical properties or the technological and industrial implications of their use. The possibilities of introducing geometrical control approaches in other processes and deposition techniques (e.g., plasma, laser, ion assisted deposition, etc.) will be also addressed.

Thursday (27.09.2018)