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P02: Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Materials

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TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology has been pointed as the next industrial revolution. Starting from prototyping of plastic parts and currently available for the production of metal components, extensive R&D activities are still necessary in order to push the technology into maturity levels for its industrialization. 
For the last, improvements covering the whole manufacturing chain must be developed, including quality standards, implementation of processes for raw material and process monitoring, AM design, modelling of residual stresses, thermal treatments, finishing processes, non-destructive testing, among others. Also, metal fabrication by additive manufacturing places strong challenges towards the materials science and engineering community. Therefore, major emphasis is being placed on the understanding of the role of materials in metal based AM processes with regards to microstructure, residual stresses, defects and the quality of the powder. 
In the framework of this symposium, the current state of the art and future trends for the industrialization of AM and materials will be discussed.

Wednesday (26.09.2018)