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Schaefer Technologie GmbH

Since 1963, Schaefer Technologie GmbH offers innovative solutions for Science and Engineering. We partner with a number of worldwide well-known manufacturers of scientific equipment. With our headquarter close to Frankfurt/Germany and offices in Switzerland, France, Italy and Romania we serve the European market and focus on surface inspection and characterization.

Our Scanning Probe Microscopes offer the most advanced measurement modes for electrical characterization of surfaces on the nanometer scale and are unrivaled in terms of price-performance relationship.

The 3D metrology tools from our portfolio include tactile as well as optical profilers, allowing customers to easily measure critical dimensions, roughness, flatness or stress. Advanced automation features, fully automated data analysis and report generation make them the perfect tools for R&D and QC.

Nanoindenters allow the measurement of hardness and Young’s modulus at the nanometer scale, even at elevated temperatures up to 500°C. The dedicated high speed mode needs only 1 second to reliably determine both numbers at a single point.

When thin optically transparent films are to be measured, optical methods often fail and stylus profilers may damage the surface during the measurement. Spectroscopic ellipsometers overcome this limitation and are capable of measuring thin films down to 1nm with unrivaled precision. The snapshot mode used in our instruments measures the thickness and refractive index of a sample in only 20ms, much faster than regular ellipsometers. Stacks of up to 6 layers can easily and reliably be measured in short time.

For measurements on the more robust samples, we offer tribometers which can easily be adapted to customers´ needs. Testing possibilities include scratch, wear, friction, high temperature measurements, block-on ring, pin-on disc etc.

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Schaefer Technologie GmbH

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