Exhibitors at the MSE 2018 can download the exhibitor information here. 

All exhibition areas at MSE 2018 are booked. Would you still like to be present at MSE 2018? Become a...


and take advantage of one of the numerous possibilities to present your company.

Please find our sponsoring suggestions below or download the congress information.
We would be happy to try to implement any further ideas you may have.

Sponsoring options

MSE Party
The social highlight of the MSE offers numerous opportunities to present
your company in a relaxed atmosphere.

3.000 EUR

By sponsoring the coffee breaks you can place brochure holders and roll-up
banners in the congress and catering area.

1.000 EUR

Posterexhibition and -evening
Your company logo will be displayed on all poster walls. Brochure holders and
roll-up banners will be placed in the congress and catering area.

2.000 EUR

Symposium sponsorship
Project your company logo on the screen of the sponsored symposia and
place a roll-up banner in the plenary lecture hall.

500 EUR

Poster award ceremony
A company representative will hand over the prizes sponsored by your company        
to the winners. The certificates will include your company logo. Additionally, a
roll-up banner will be placed in the ceremony area.


Program brochure
Circulation: 1.500 pcs.
      Back cover (DIN A4 | 1/1 | 4C)
      Inside back cover (DIN A4 | 1/1 | 4C)
      Regular inside page (DIN A4 | 1/1 | 4C)

1.000 EUR
850 EUR

Promotional materials
Advertisements in the congress program, distribution of flyers or
distribution of promotional material with your company logo: contact
us to discuss the possibilities for presenting your company in an
effective and sustainable manner
      Flyer in the congress bags (1.500 pcs.)
      Flyer on the chairs at the opening (800 pcs.)
      Distribution of flyer at the entrance (1.000 pcs.)
      Distribution of giveaways at the entrance (1.000 pcs.)
      Distribution of giveaways in the congress bags (1.500 pcs.)

1.000 EUR
800 EUR
500 EUR
500 EUR
1.000 EUR

Congress material
      Your logo on the congress bags
      Your logo on the congress lanyards
      Your logo on the name badges
      Your writing pad in the congress bags
      Your pen in the congress bags

1.000 EUR
1.000 EUR
1.000 EUR
1.000 EUR
1.000 EUR


Please note that the general terms and conditions of the DGM e.V. are applied. All prices are in euro (€) and do not include VAT (19%). Promotional materials for presentation or distribution (for example, roll-ups, brochure stands, flyers) must be provided by you.

Be part of the MSE 2018 and send your sponsoring request to: