MSE Guest Country - Argentina

For 2018 Argentina is elected as highlighted guest country for the MSE 2018 Congress. We are very happy to welcome the Argentine Society for Metals (SAM Asociación Argentina de Materiales).

Description of the SAM Association, Activities and Network

The origin of the association comes from 1955 when the Argentine Society for Metals (SAM) was founded in Buenos Aires. After several years of work and international cooperation, the activities and meetings were discontinued and in the year of 1993 the actual society was refounded with the name Argentine Association for Materials but keeping the original acronym – SAM - and logo. The path and goals were proposed at that time

  • To promote the knowledge and diffusion of the material science, to encourage study, research and teaching, to connect people dedicated to materials science and technology or interested in it, tending to achieve a high level of scientific quality among members.
  • To edit or support publications, in nay format, with a scientific-technic character, with the goal to inform the activities and plans of the association.

Nowadays, the association gathers scientist and professionals of many branches of materials science and technology from all over the country. People from the academy, the industry, and also students dedicated to metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, materials processing, materials characterization and testing, among other issues.

SAM promotes annually the organization of a Regional Materials Congress, since 2001, in collaboration with the Chilean Society for Materials. The congress take place every two years, alternating between the two countries. The association promotes also every two years a Congress for Young Researchers in Materials (JIM). Six Congresses have been taking place in different cities of the country, especially dedicated to graduate and postgraduate students under 35.

The Association has the goal to support with scholarships the participation of students, especially in the Youth Congress, but also in the regular one. This has been the Project  that brought us the greatest benefits in the last years, since the Association is getting more young members every year.

Nowadays SAM has almost 300 members, in the categories: Active (for Professionals), Adherent (for students), Sponsors (for Institutions) and Honorary Members.
SAM has agreements with other scientific associations such as the National Physics Association (AFA) and Chemistry Association (AQA). We take part every two years in the organization of the Pan-American Materials Congress in agreement with Materials associations from USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, among others.

The association has a web page a Facebook site and a google group to build a digital net between members and to distribute information.

Main members of Directive Board (2016-2018)


Prof. Dr. Roberto Arce


Prof. Dr José Ricardo Romero


Dr. María Cecilia Marinelli


Prof. Dr. Sonia P. Brühl

Contact and additional information

Facebook: sam asociación argentina de materiales

Next events organized by SAM


International Materials Congress SAM-Conamet 2018
Argentinean-Chilean Materials Congress to be held in Bariloche, October 1-5.

4th Pan-American Materials Congress
To be held in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2019.

7th JIM – Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores en Materiales
Congress for Young Researchers in Materials Science and Technology
To be held in Argentina in 2019, place to define soon.